Welcome to the Arnreiter Mühle

Arnreiter Mühle GmbH combines traditional milling skills with the latest milling technology to grind and refine raw materials containing starch or oils. Our customers – who range from international baking product manufacturers to traditional bakers – appreciate our personalized customer care service and the high quality of our grain and oilseed products.

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Walter Arnreiter

Managing Director

State-of-the-art processing facilities

The processing facilities at Arnreiter Mühle are highly automated: we have new silo compartments, a multi-stage cleaning process, grinding, refining and control lines, and extremely efficient bagging and loading facilities. Our unique, highly efficient system is the result of having modern milling technology and refining processes in the same location, and our diverse range of processing stages and processing lines.

Premium quality

Arnreiter Mühle is committed to the principles of sustainable quality in all areas of production. Quality is the defining characteristic of our company. Constant monitoring and documentation of our processes is standard from procurement of raw materials to the final product.

Extensive range of quality products

We process rye, wheat, corn, spelt, einkorn wheat and purple wheat as well as malt products and poppy seeds. Our machinery and equipment process a wide range of steamed, dried, flaked, roasted,
ground, kibbled and extruded products.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction has a high priority in our company. Our long-term experience as well as our competence is as much a cornerstone of our business as our qualified employees. We offer high quality products for reasonable and market compliant prices. Furthermore, we are a reliable partner striving to achieve the highest quality standards.